About the SIMPL Collaborative

Working towards a continuously improving medical education system

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning- or the SIMPL Collaborative is a non-profit educational quality improvement consortium focused on investigating and developing tools, curriculum, and policy to improve the training of physicians. The collaborative was founded by experts in surgical trainee performance assessment with the initial support of Massachusetts General Hospital, Northwestern University, and Indiana University, and has grown to include experts from around medicial education and assessment. Since initiating the SIMPL trial in July 2015, the consortium has grown substantially and currently includes 130 training programs in 19 specialties at 73 institutions across the United States, as well as in Sweden and Kenya. We are funded by our institutional members and grants. Our passion is to investigate and combine innovative curricula, best-practice evaluation methodology, and state-of-the-art technology to carry out effective educational quality improvement on a national scale.

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Recent Publications

Surgical Trainee Performance and Alignment With Surgical Program Director Expectations

Abbott, Kenneth L. MS; Krumm, Andrew E. PhD; Kelley, Jesse MD; Kendrick, Daniel E. MD; Clark, Michael PhD; Chen, Xilin MPH; Gupta, Tanvi MEng; Jones, Andrew T. PhD; Moreno, Beatriz Ibáñez PhD; Kwakye, Gifty MD; Bibler Zaidi, Nikki L. PhD; Swanson, David B. PhD; Bell, Richard H. MD; George, Brian C. MD on behalf of the Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning

SIMPLifying Urology Residency Operative Assessments: A Pilot Study in Urology Training

Robert S WangStephanie Daignault-NewtonSapan N AmbaniKhaled Hafez,Brian C GeorgeKate H Kraft

Using Natural Language Processing to Automatically Assess Feedback Quality- Findings From Three Surgical Residencies

Ötleş, Erkin MSE; Kendrick, Dan MD; Solano, Quintin P.; Schuller, Mary MSEd; Ahle, Samantha L. MD, MHS; Eskender, Mickyas H. MD; Carnes, Emily; George, Brian C. MD, MAEd

A Proposed Blueprint for Operative Performance Training, Assessment, and Certification

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