Performance Scale

A brief overview of the Performance rating scale that includes anchoring behaviors and mappings to the ACGME Milestones.

What is this resident’s performance for the majority of the critical portion of this procedure?

Performance Scale Training descriptor ACGME Milestone Mapping
Unprepared / Critical Deficiency

Poorly prepared to perform this procedure and/or included critical performance errors that endangered the safety of the patient or the outcome of the procedure.

Level 0: Critical Deficiencies
Inexperienced w/ Procedure

Resident appears inexperienced in performing this procedure. Frequent problems regarding technique, execution, smoothness, efficiency, and forward planning.

Level 1: Incoming resident
Intermediate Performance

Performance reflects an intermediate stage of development. Performance of procedural elements is variable but acceptable for the amount of experience with this procedure. Not yet at the level expected for graduating residents.

Level 2: Advancing but not yet mid-level

- and -

Level 3: Hits majority of targets

Practice-Ready Performance

Resident is ready to perform this operation safely, effectively and independently assuming resident consistently performs procedure in this manner.

Level 4: Graduation target
Exceptional Performance

One of the best performances I have ever seen. Above the level expected of graduating residents.